What’s made founder, Jackie cry….

When Jackie set out on her mission to understand what was happening to her skin, she soon realised she wanted and needed to make it a mission for all women who were and are having the same questions.

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This email received from a customer brings total joy and a side helping of very happy tears! Knowing how other women are benefitting just as Jackie did is the absolute goal. Thank you so much Debbie for sharing this with us – a big heart emoji moment in our journey so far 

Jackie I sobbed listening to your " story". It resonated with me in so many ways. Your thoughts on educating teens is so vital. I now know the reasons for so many of my own symptoms should have been picked up but sadly they went under the radar. I'm so pleased we have women like you who have used their skills to help push forward for the lack of information and understanding that women deserve. 

My world closed in on me even further over a year ago when my skin went "bananas". Swollen red eyelids and red hot itchy skin what a sight I looked. I eventually was told I had allergies and I am on a years waiting list to have patch tests to (possibly) determine the trigger for the allergies. 

So, I felt I had to try and help myself out of this hole. Chinese medicine looks at the whole body and that was my starting point. The practitioner said I should cease using fragranced products and find products that work together to help the skin barrier and strengthen my skin not strip it . Wow this was going to be hard I thought. I was astounded when I found your website EVERYTHING you have done is just what he was talking about. I also heard your talk with Liz Earle and I eagerly ordered the Whole Shebang. I can't tell you how wonderful your products felt on my beleaguered skin. The redness has gone (praying it stays that way) and I just feel this is so right for my mature skin. Simple but oh so POWERFUL, packing a caring, caressing punch. From the bottom of my heart I say thank you, thank you, thank you. Your fact driven research is going to be the force that will help women think in a different way. We are Made Of More. I look at this on my dressing table and smile every morning. 

Now to put my next order in... I don't have a favourite product they are each and every one unique and hard working but together a force that can be reckoned with. 

I have gone on  somewhat but I want you to know you are a special lady and quite simply thank you.

Debbie Dixon xx


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What’s made founder, Jackie cry….

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