hc+ complex™

“Our HC+ Complex™ is clinically formulated to meet the key challenges of fluctuating hormones — from mid 40s and beyond (including all stages of the menopause). Each product is supercharged with a unique blend of powerful ingredients each with their own benefits.”

Jackie Lamyman

Made of More Founder

Hemp Seed Oil


Hemp Seed Oil

Key Benefits
Rich in omega oils 3, 6 & 9 to hydrate and soothe skin whilst supporting barrier repair. Hemp seed oil has the perfect ratio of omegas which give broad-spectrum benefits and it actually helps to balance sebum and regulate oil levels within the skin whilst soothing and nourishing, unlike other plant oils which can be comedogenic. We grow our Hemp Seed Oil on our own British farmland using sustainable farming practices.
Clinical Data
Hemp Seed Oil has been shown in lab studies to disrupt and eradicate strains of S.aureus bacteria which is directly correlated to severe dermatitis. This was attributed to its exceptionally high levels of 3 key fatty acids.

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