Our story

Fluctuating hormones can be a rollercoaster for your skin. We are on a mission to make the ride smoother, including all stages of perimenopause, menopause and beyond. Our products are made to give you and your skin more.

I may be over 40 but I’m not dead yet. Years of using skincare products have taught me not all products deliver on their promises. Made of more delivers. We are educated, experienced, interested women who deserve better at this stage of life. Straight forward, results driven skincare that gives your skin everything you need and nothing you don't. It’s a rollercoaster but together we are made of more.
Jackie Lamyman

Made of More Founder

Where it all started

Jackie was caught off guard when perimenopausal symptoms hit her in her early 40s. Among the myriad of disruptive symptoms, troublesome skin became her worst nightmare, with sensitivity, rosacea, breakouts, and dryness wreaking havoc simultaneously. Feeling overwhelmed, she yearned to retreat from the world, seeking solace under the covers.

Off-the-shelf lavender-based products failed to meet her needs; she craved clinically active, high-quality solutions without the stereotypical associations of ageing. As Co-Founder of a CBD company, Jackie delved into cannabinoid research on a personal level and recognized the remarkable benefits of CBG and hemp seed oil for the skin. Driven by a determination to take matters into her own hands, she birthed Made Of More.

Now is not the time for concealment; it's a time to proudly step forward and demand attention.

Our Team

We're a skincare brand and a whole lot more. Optimistic, strong and rallying. Our mission is to inspire a brighter, more vibrant outlook for women impacted by hormonal changes.

Jackie Lamyman

Job role
Super power
Since turning 40 her bullshit radar is on high alert.

Dr Dhesi

Job role
Clinical Lead
Super power
Combining skincare expertise, medical know how and a passion for longevity medicine.

Claire Bristow

Job role
Director of Product
Super power
Deciphering ingredient lists in seconds and never taking no for an answer.

Lucy Bentley

Job role
Director of Operations
Super power
Made Of More's very own Konmari.

Our user trial results

50 women trialled our 4 skincare products for a period of 4 weeks...


of user trial participants said their skin was left bright, plump and glowing after use.

Cleansing Balm


of user trial participants said it left their skin feeling brighter, hydrated and looking less tired

Brightening Day Shield


of user trial participants said it visibly improved the appearance of their skin and left them glowing.

Rescue Balm


of user trial participants said their skin felt revitalised and bouncy when they woke up the next day.

Night Soufflé

We are changing the narrative around menopause

The Made Of More range has been developed in conjunction with a leading doctor and aesthetician, experts in British hemp seed oil and highly experienced beauty innovators.
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