Lets talk about Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids have come a long way since their dubious days as something to avoid if you want your sanity intact.

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Cannabinoids have come a long way since their dubious days as something to avoid if you want your sanity intact.

We’ve since discovered that they have a whole host of health benefits, from regulating the Endocannabinoid system to helping with stress, pain and sleep when taken internally. What’s more, they’ve proven to be something of a saviour for unhappy skin.

What is CBD and CBG?

And to clarify, cannabinoids used in skincare (CBD, CBG etc) do not contain THC (the psychoactive part of the plant) and strict regulation exists to ensure that this is the case.

CBD has grown rapidly in popularity, but we’d like to tell you about a new kid on the block – CBG.

Isn’t that just a mis-spelling of CBD, we hear you ask?

Well, no. CBG is actually known, for good reason, as the ‘Mother of all Cannabinoids’. It’s the stem cell from which all other cannabinoids spring and research has shown it to be a real hero where skin is concerned.

CBG can bind with more receptors in the body, whereas CBD only interacts with enzymes, meaning that it supports the homeostasis (in other words balance) of the body, and in turn supports a healthy balance of the skin.

Fact: CBG can be more effective than Vitamin C at protecting the skin from ageing caused by UV exposure - it does this by being an anti-inflammatory agent and has potent antioxidant properties. This anti-inflammatory effect also means it pairs well with clinical actives but is also very well tolerated by the skin, minimising irritation on skin that comes with ingredients such as retinol.

Particularly suited to skin that is suffering the effects of ageing and hormonal disruption, CBG is:

  1. 1. anti-mirobial – it can inhibit the growth of acne-specific bacteria 
  2. 2. Sebum-regulating – goodbye breakouts
  3. 3. A Hydration helper – it reduces Trans Epidermal water loss
  4. 4. An excellent protector of skin – it reduces the levels of oxidative free radicals in the dermis.

We use CBG in our facial skincare for the myriad of benefits it brings to disrupted and changing hormonal skin – a blemish-fighting, line-reducing, protective skin superstar that comes without risk of irritation and sensitivity ( in fact it actively reduces the likelihood of these unpleasant side effects).

In our facial skincare products, we harness the power of CBG to address the challenges faced by disrupted and changing hormonal skin. CBG proves to be an exceptional ingredient, fighting blemishes, reducing the appearance of lines, and offering protective benefits. What sets CBG apart is its ability to deliver these benefits without the risk of irritation or sensitivity. Additionally, CBG actively works to minimize the likelihood of these unpleasant side effects, making it an ideal choice for collagen loss, ageing skin, irritated skin, and promoting healthy skin.


Yes please, we’ll take it by the barrel.

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