Rescue Balm



HC+ Complex™

Hemp Seed

90mg CBG

Clinically Proven Actives

For skin that needs its own rescue remedy, our hero intensive rescue balm is a lifting and firming saviour. Perfect for skin that is irritated, over-sensitive, dehydrated or just unbalanced. Gentle blurring particles help to improve the appearance of skin and supportive ceramides help to heal the skin barrier.




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Skin Deep Salvation

Instant skin-perfecting/blurring. Rapid rehydration for distressed skin. Firms and tones to fight the appearance of wrinkles whilst lifting and firming. Powerful barrier support.
Scientifically developed to tackle symptoms associated with fluctuating hormones.
Formulated For

Hormonal skin from perimenopause onwards

Uses per pack

Approx 30 uses

When to apply

Apply whenever skin is feeling stressed, irritated or just needs a helping hand - can be reapplied as needed during the day. Perfect used under make-up and before applying day cream,or as a final night-time step in your skincare regime to lock in hydration. Can also be applied in a thick layer and left on as an intensive rescue mask - simply remove excess and pat any residue into the skin after 20 minutes.


Hear from our experts

The most common skin concerns tend to centre around dehydrated skin, loss of glow or skin tone and the appearance of puffiness. It's imperative we question what is really happening to the skin in midlife and why existing routines are no longer delivering the results they once did. When working on the formulations of Made of More, each known and identified skin concern required the correct and proven clinical actives to support the underlying dermatological issues rather than offering temporary solutions

Jackie Lamyman

Made of More Founder

So many products claiming to target hormonal skin only really touch the surface , adding hyaluronic acid and assuming that dryness is the main concern. But our research has shown the collagen is degraded by hot flashes and temperature fluctuations, that slower micro circulation causes dull grey skin and that loss of sleep can be catastrophic, resulting in puffy skin, loss of tone and dark circles. We wanted to deliver products that really produced powerful results and left skin beaming with firm supple energised health, and we've packed each formula with brilliant rapid-acting ingredients to do just this.

Dr Dhesi

Clinical Lead

As a woman in her late 40s, I look for skincare that has enough clinical actives to really deliver but at the same time is gentle enough for my skin, which is, quite frankly, acting out at the minute. Made of more products work because we took a problem-solution approach, and really dug into the causes of skin changes rather than applying a blanket approach. This means they really do deliver on glowing, bouncy and most importantly happy skin - there's no compromise on results yet my skin has never been calmer.

Claire Bristow

Director of Product

Questions? We’ve got answers

Our products combine British Hemp seed oil with CBG along with a potent blend of other clinical ingredients all designed to address the challenges of hormonal skin from 40 upwards. These ingredients work synergistically to tackle problem areas such as dull tired skin, collagen degradation, lack of sleep, fine lines, loss of skin tone and puffiness which are often combined with increased sensitivity and redness. Our complex works to support the skin during these times whilst avoiding some commonly known ingredients that can actually increase irritation at this time.