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We started with the problem – what actually happens to the skin from your 40s when there are hormonal fluctuations?

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When the team behind Made of More first sat down to discuss the hormonal changes affecting their midlife skin, beset with hormonal fluctuations and irritated beyond belief (yes it’s not just your mood that suffers when hormonal havoc kicks in) they realised most products on the market do little more than skim the surface. Pardon the pun, but we had to face facts that women of a certain fabulous age deserved much more skincare love than they were being shown by brands.

Hot flash mists or Hyaluronic acid products alone just don’t cut it – in fact some of them contain menthol or alcohol at levels that do just the opposite of what they set out to do – cool and soothe the skin.

So we decided to look at it differently – we do that a lot.

We started with the problem – what actually happens to the skin from your 40s when there are hormonal fluctuations? We worked with an incredible dermatologist and NHS doctor to identify what women were bringing into his clinic and what they were looking for in their skincare.

And what we found was surprising. We knew dehydration was a problem, but found that slower cellular turnover was also leading to dull and tired skin, poor microcirculation resulting in loss of radiance and glow. Hot flashes were resulting in temperature spikes that were actually , over time, leading to loss of collagen in the skin, leaving it sad, saggy and seriously lacking in firmness. Skin becomes thinner, making it more prone to damage and barrier irritation. And the worst thing? Hormonal acne was rearing its ugly head once again due to the hormonal fluctuations resulting in excess sebum and trapped bacteria.

In all, not the prettiest of pictures.

And because we love us a challenge, we set out to fix things, doing justice to the women carrying the weight of the world , from ageing parents to teen children and big jobs, on their collective shoulders.

HC+ is a complex of active ingredients built on top of 2 hero ingredients : Hemp seed oil, an incredible antioxidant and source of broad-spectrum fatty acids, and CBG, the mother cannabinoid and a powerful hydrator, regulator of sebum levels, anti-inflammatory powerhouse and saviour of struggling skin.

Fun fact: CBG can be more effective than Vitamin C at anti ageing caused by UV exposure - it does this by protecting against inflammation and has potent antioxidant properties.

On top of this, we’ve packed our complex with:

  • Multiple peptides, building blocks of great skin, to boost elasticity and fight fine lines.
  • An innovative mushroom-based extract that regulates skin temperature to shield against heat spikes and resulting collagen loss
  • Multi-vitamin antioxidant complex as self-defence against damaging free-radicals.
  • Ceramides, to reinforce the protective barrier of the skin.
  • A Korean extract shown to offset lack of sleep , puffiness and dullness due to disrupted circadian rhythms
  • An energising active to boost surface circulation for a glowing healthy complexion.
  • Light reflective and blurring particles for glowing skin.


HC+ was developed as an act of defiance , a “no thanks, gimme more” on behalf of midlife women everywhere who give more, want more, and deserve more.

We are Made of More. And so are you.

Our knowledge sets us apart

We Are Made of More Series - The Importance of Spinal Health: Our Backbones to Life

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I met Nicola at a wonderful event full of amazing women back in May and was immediately taken by her beautiful vintage shirt that she was wearing. Like with any first meet, you grab on to a hook to start the conversation, and yes, the shirt was our cue but we quickly moved on when I asked Nicola about her work and learning of her expertise but also experience of intense spinal problems.

Talking Is Key

Sustainability: Regenerative Farming & Hemp

You may have heard our Founder Jackie talking about the benefits of Hemp Seed Oil found in Made Of More’s innovative HC+ Complex thanks to its incredible skincare benefits, but here Mike Lamyman, Farmer and husband to Jackie gave us the lowdown on why Hemp is such an important crop.

Let’s talk about Ceramides!

Questions? We’ve got answers

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