Let’s talk about Ceramides!

We all experience dry, dehydrated and even cracked skin at some point in our lives but as our skin becomes more exposed to environmental aggressors over the years, our skin barrier starts to break down; cue loss of hydration and our youthful plumpness & suppleness on the skin (*sigh).

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Is it time for a bit of re-pointing?!
We often talk about skin cells as the ‘bricks’ and ceramides being the ‘mortar’. 
Ceramides (‘mortar’), hold the skin together and form a protective layer to help prevent moisture loss and visible damage from environmental aggressors; of which increase with age.

So should we be looking to include ceramides in our skincare routines?
Whilst ceramides occur naturally in the skin to help it stay hydrated, Made of More has included two types of ceramides in its award-winning Rescue Balm; SPHINOX® Lift (a newbie to the line-up of ceramides) and Ceramide IIIB; both mighty in their ability to not only boost moisture levels but also enable skin to retain moisture thus repairing dry, cracked skin.

SPHINOX® Lift: The VIP of the party
“As we age we lose almost 60% of the ceramides within our skin along with a huge loss of collagen. What we need to try and do with skincare is to improve skin cell communication. We need to give our skin what it is now missing. Skin cell communication improves with the use of ceramides. SPHINOX® Lift has been clinically proven to improve skin cell communication which will improve the skin structure and its integrity.” Dr Dhesi, Clinical Lead, Made of More. 

Known as a short chain ceramide that is highly active in tightening skin, lifting facial contours and densifying the skin, SPHINOX® Lift re-establishes correct communication across the skin layers but also between different cell types, to stimulate cross-talk between skin cells which leads to a significant improvement in skin tone, strength and smoothness. This bioavailable* ceramide supports the extracellular matrix of the skin which leads to visibly reshaped and firm skin.

The results:
SPHINOX® Lift markedly improved skin tone after 8 weeks of use in clinical trials, during which application of SPHINOX® Lift led to a decrease of skin roughness. This effect was statistically significant compared to the vehicle control after 8 weeks of application, and after 12 weeks a 4-fold improvement of wrinkle depth was demonstrated compared to the control ingredient.

Ceramide IIIB: A fantastic guest to have at the party!
Ceramide IIIB is a skin-identical barrier lipid which supports the renewal of the skin’s natural protective layer and forms an effective barrier against moisture loss. These human-skin-identical molecules are therefore particularly suitable for long-term protection and the support of sensitive and dry skin’s recovery.

The results:
Ceramide IIIB has been clinically proven to continue to boost hydration levels for up to 6 days after that last use whilst also aiding in skin recovery after irritation. A perfect partner when using harsher skin treatments containing acids or retinoids.

Are you now wondering…

Can any skin type use ceramides?
Ceramides are highly adaptable and work for a range of skin types. Their brilliant supportive properties to the skin barrier make them a brilliant choice for those with dry or sensitive skin.

How often should I be using ceramides?
This all depends on the product but using them in your everyday routine is perfectly normal. Made of More’s Rescue Balm is absolutely an everyday SOS superstar for skin barrier support!

What does bioavailable mean if I am reading this in conjunction with ceramides?
*Bioavailability refers to the way the product is delivered to the correct cells or structures with the skin. There’s no point applying an ingredient (in this case, ceramides) if it will only travel to the epidermis and not penetrate down into the deeper layers of the skin where the changes will become more evident.

For further information on the other guests (ingredients!) attending the Made Of More party please visit our Formulation page HERE.

Our knowledge sets us apart

Sustainability: Regenerative Farming & Hemp

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Let’s talk about Ceramides!

Oh, Hello Rosacea!

Written by Eleanor, Made Of More Customer 

I started to notice some spots appearing around my nose and across my cheeks literally as the clock was striking midnight and I turned 40 - I kid you not! At first, I freaked out; this wasn’t my ‘usual’ skin. Why was it doing this? Wracking my brains to work out if I’d changed something in my diet, indulging in too much wine and all the while spending a small fortune on every spot busting product I could find, positive results were minimal.

'I am Made Of More' Hand Greeting

"As long as I can remember my dear ma used to massage my hands. She taught me the power of self-care through touch and connection.
Self care does not have to be complicated and this hand greeting is one way to come back to yourself. Our hands do so much for us and it's important to show them love! This does not have to be complicated and you can intuitively travel around the hands as you wish." Ati

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