Jackie, The Sleep Queen & Her Kingdom

Written by Anna Ellis - Made Of More's Head of Brand for World Sleep Day 2024. 

I am not a sleep expert per se but I am very good at sleeping so thought I would put fingertips to the keyboard and write a little something about it with it being World Sleep Day. 

It’s commonly thought that a good night’s sleep often gets harder as we age, but that doesn’t mean we’re doomed to being sleep-deprived zombies after 40 surely, we may just need to adopt different tools to help support a better night’s rest. 

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So why does sleep often become increasingly more disrupted as we age? And no, it’s not just something we have to put up with as we ‘hit that age’ and be done with it, but instead let’s think about what life looks like right now - anyone juggling a busy household, feeling like the only parent not meal planning for the week ahead (if only!), working, supporting elderly parents (this is not a chore btw but it can be super hard)… the list goes on all the while watching and experiencing fluctuating hormones have the best party of their lives, ON US!

Sleep is our superhero in the fact that our bodies; top to toe, and most importantly in Made of More’s eyes, our skin rely on it to repair and restore the effects of daily stressors more effectively. It’s a simple equation really (on paper!); lack of sleep = minimal repair time + stressors (hormones….life….) = disrupted day ahead whereby the effects can quite often be seen on the skin.

I asked Founder Jackie, who refers to her bedroom as her kingdom of which she is the Queen of, about her nighttime routine and how she sets herself up for the best night’s sleep without taking the day’s baggage with her.

"I love my bed and I spend significant amounts of time on a bedtime routine/amazing sleep experience; are you ready for this Anna?!

  • Pillows: 2 soft, 2 hard, one memory foam and one super king size pillow. ALWAYS silk pillow cases. Gamechanger if you haven’t already tried them.

  • Weighted blanket. Again, this has made a significant difference to my sleep; it’s like sleeping under a hug and is particularly useful if you have a cold. 

  • Bedlinen has to be 100% cotton or bamboo; not bothered about thread count.

  • You must have nice pyjamas in natural fibres. It is obligatory. My favourites are from Olivia Von Halle. I don’t get out much so getting ready for bed is a big big deal for me.

  • I have a cup of Crop England’s hemp and organic chamomile tea to calm the nerves along with a nice bath with Epsom and/or Magnesium salts and a good 30 minutes reading to switch the brain off. I don’t like bath oil as it makes cleaning the bath a pain!

  • Mouth taping. When I remember to, it’s great, just don't tape up your mouth and nose (Mike, my husband always helpfully reminds me).

  • Prior to going to bed I take a prebiotic, melatonin supplement and CBD oil. I also drink OHMG magnesium water. And not forgetting, I give my skin some serious TLC with Made of More’s Night Soufflé...If I need an extra hydration boost I'll pop the Rescue Balm on top to lock in all the goodness.

  • I always sleep with a window open (I accept not everyone can do this) and always keep the room cool.

  • To calm a racing mind I listen to music at 257mh frequency (I think that’s the number). The effect of frequencies on the brain is really staggering. If you look on any streaming service you can find frequency playlists for different moods/requirements.

  • I also lie on a spike mat with my infrared face mask on for 10 minutes before getting into bed.

  • I always wake up at 4.30am with a racing mind; I practice box breathing, take CBD oil and read my book to try and get back to sleep. 

  • I am a big fan of the mid afternoon disco nap if I am feeling really tired. Never under the covers and 30 mins max. It is energising.

I know, it can seem like a lot but it’s my absolute wind down time; my routine which helps calm me and I really do leave the day behind. I think it’s about one’s own routines and how they work for you but bedtime should be a delight – remember, everyone is a Queen with their own kingdom!"

And so with that, I feel inspired to up the ante on my own bedtime routine; like so many I expect, mine currently comprises a rushed cleanse and moisturise and an attempt to get past chapter 1 of my book!

Here’s to great sleep and glowing skin!
Anna x

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