What’s made founder, Jackie cry….

Talking Is Key

Sustainability: Regenerative Farming & Hemp

You may have heard our Founder Jackie talking about the benefits of Hemp Seed Oil found in Made Of More’s innovative HC+ Complex thanks to its incredible skincare benefits, but here Mike Lamyman, Farmer and husband to Jackie gave us the lowdown on why Hemp is such an important crop.

Oh, Hello Rosacea!

Written by Eleanor, Made Of More Customer 

I started to notice some spots appearing around my nose and across my cheeks literally as the clock was striking midnight and I turned 40 - I kid you not! At first, I freaked out; this wasn’t my ‘usual’ skin. Why was it doing this? Wracking my brains to work out if I’d changed something in my diet, indulging in too much wine and all the while spending a small fortune on every spot busting product I could find, positive results were minimal.

Jackie, The Sleep Queen & Her Kingdom

Written by Anna Ellis - Made Of More's Head of Brand for World Sleep Day 2024. 

I am not a sleep expert per se but I am very good at sleeping so thought I would put fingertips to the keyboard and write a little something about it with it being World Sleep Day. 

It’s commonly thought that a good night’s sleep often gets harder as we age, but that doesn’t mean we’re doomed to being sleep-deprived zombies after 40 surely, we may just need to adopt different tools to help support a better night’s rest. 

The Silent Symphony of Menopause: Unravelling Its Mental Health Impact

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