Oh, Hello Rosacea!

Written by Eleanor, Made Of More Customer 

I started to notice some spots appearing around my nose and across my cheeks literally as the clock was striking midnight and I turned 40 - I kid you not! At first, I freaked out; this wasn’t my ‘usual’ skin. Why was it doing this? Wracking my brains to work out if I’d changed something in my diet, indulging in too much wine and all the while spending a small fortune on every spot busting product I could find, positive results were minimal.

'I am Made Of More' Hand Greeting

"As long as I can remember my dear ma used to massage my hands. She taught me the power of self-care through touch and connection.
Self care does not have to be complicated and this hand greeting is one way to come back to yourself. Our hands do so much for us and it's important to show them love! This does not have to be complicated and you can intuitively travel around the hands as you wish." Ati

Self-care Vlog

“The eyes are said to be the windows of the soul. Often the eyes can be the first to notice pain or experience hurt.

Since menopause I have had dry eyes and inflammation around this area. As a face yoga teacher I often teach this particular technique because it is wonderful to de-puff and wake up the eye zone. Just a gentle reminder that as it is a delicate area to be extra careful when massaging or tapping and being careful not to drag the skin.” Ati

Jackie, The Sleep Queen & Her Kingdom

Written by Anna Ellis - Made Of More's Head of Brand for World Sleep Day 2024. 

I am not a sleep expert per se but I am very good at sleeping so thought I would put fingertips to the keyboard and write a little something about it with it being World Sleep Day. 

It’s commonly thought that a good night’s sleep often gets harder as we age, but that doesn’t mean we’re doomed to being sleep-deprived zombies after 40 surely, we may just need to adopt different tools to help support a better night’s rest. 

Navigating Through Perimenopause: A Guide to Understanding Inflammation and the Importance of Gut Health

Written and shared by Jo Lyall @ The Better Menopause 


Embracing Perimenopause as a Natural Transition

Perimenopause signifies a crucial stage in the female life cycle and begins years before menopause, (defined as having been reached when a woman has not had a period in 12 consecutive months), this phase marks a shift from the reproductive years to a new stage of life. Women undergoing perimenopause often face a series of hormonal changes, resulting in diverse physical and emotional symptoms. Notably, inflammation has become a key concern during this time, significantly impacting overall health. Our focus today is to delve into how perimenopause relates to inflammation, uncover the underlying causes, and provide effective methods to manage its effects on health.

Navigating Seasonal Skin Changes: Autumn and Winter Edition

As the seasons transform from the warmth of summer to the crispness of autumn and the chill of winter, our bodies and minds adapt to the new rhythm of nature. But have you ever paused to consider how this change in weather affects your skin? Just like our wardrobe, our skin requires a seasonal adjustment too. Let's explore the remarkable ways autumn and winter can impact your skin and discover essential skincare tips to keep your skin glowing even in the coldest months.

Stress and Your Skin: Unmasking the Hidden Connection

Is your skin having a midlife crisis?

Written by Susannah Taylor, Beauty & Wellbeing Editor

 As if we didn’t have enough to deal with at midlife, we can suddenly be hit by full blown acne, a heavy dose of rosacea, skin so dry it’s cracking up, lines, wrinkles, sagging and a good smattering of pigmentation (if you’re really lucky, all at once.)


A bit like the dashboard of a car, our skin flags up what’s happening on the inside, and at midlife that’s often a great deal. Here, beauty and wellbeing editor Susannah Taylor speaks to the experts to find out what’s really going on beneath the skin’s surface and how we can bring back its midlife mojo.

Unlocking the mystery of Skincare Actives