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Our HC+ Complex™ is clinically formulated to meet the key challenges of fluctuating hormones — from mid 40s and beyond (including all stages of the menopause). Blended to give you and your skin more.

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I wanted to challenge the standard offering not only in ingredients and formulation but also the fact that Midlife doesn’t dictate who we should be, how we should feel and the outlook that we have on life. We are brilliant, knowledgeable, confident, brave. We seek out the best, we know what the best is and we don’t settle.

Jackie Lamyman

Made of More Founder

So many products claiming to target hormonal skin only really touch the surface , adding hyaluronic acid and assuming that dryness is the main concern. But our research has shown the collagen is degraded by hot flashes and temperature fluctuations, that slower micro circulation causes dull grey skin and that loss of sleep can be catastrophic, resulting in puffy skin, loss of tone and dark circles. We wanted to deliver products that really produced powerful results and left skin beaming with firm supple energised health, and we've packed each formula with brilliant rapid-acting ingredients to do just this.

Dr Dhesi

Clinical Lead

As a woman in her late 40s, I look for skincare that has enough clinical actives to really deliver but at the same time is gentle enough for my skin, which is, quite frankly, acting out at the minute. Made of more products work because we took a problem-solution approach, and really dug into the causes of skin changes rather than applying a blanket approach. This means they really do deliver on glowing, bouncy and most importantly happy skin - there's no compromise on results yet my skin has never been calmer.

Claire Bristow

Director of Product

Questions? We’ve got answers

Our products are specifically developed to suit skin at times of hormonal change but as we avoid fragrance allergens, harsh detergents and essential oils or added synthetic colour our skincare is in theory suitable for a wide range of skin types.